Big Brands
Big Brands has been serving the beverage and nutritional supplement industry for over nineteen years. We are proud to be a leading provider of new custom product development, sales, marketing and consulting for the beverage and nutritional supplement industry.

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Escape Non-Alcoholic Liqueurs
Escape Mocktails features a great collection of non-alcoholic liqueurs and cordials in classic flavor blends and options. Enjoy non-alcoholic liqueurs after dinner or anytime. Click on the link below to learn more about this collection from Escape Mocktails.

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TV Time Media
TV Time Media provides streaming films and shows to consumers on popular platforms such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV. With a current catalog of thousands of films and shows, there is something for everyone on TV Time Media,

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Beverage Co-Packers
We have the manufacturing of your beverage covered. Our modern bottling facilities are FDA Registered and offer Organic, GMP certified, Multiple HACCP Plans, Kosher, and Halal certified for the production of your bottled or canned beverage product.

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Escape Mocktails
Escape Mocktails provides a large selection of non-alcoholic spirits and alcohol free mocktails to consumers, retailers and distributors, Our product line features premium, handcrafted classics such as Tequila, Mojito, Spiced Rum, Manhattan and more,

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TV Time Films
TV Time Films is an industry leader in CTV / OTT streaming content service.  Our channels are established and provide the perfect solution for content providers to get their television or feature film in front of our growing base of hundreds of thousands of subscribers

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Beverage Sales & Marketing
Our Beverage Sales and Marketing division provides our clients with everything from web design and social media presence to distributor opoortunities, focus groups, product launches and more. Click on the link below to learn more about this division.

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Beverage Formulators
Our team of award winning beverage scientists can work with your existing beverage formula and flavor concept or we can design a formulation of flavoring and ingredients to achieve your custom beverage product goals.

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Alcoholic Beverage Formulation
From beers, malts and sparkling wines to spirits and cordials. If you are looking for a provider of alcoholic beverage formulation and flavoring, we are the company to call. We can create your alcoholic beverage formula for TTB and FDA approval.

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Alcoholic Beverage Co-Packing
Decades of experience with alcoholic beverage co-packing including bottle manufacturing, canning, kegs, bag in box or shot packaging for your alcoholic beverage. Our experienced team of alcoholic beverage and drink co-packing specialists will turn your concept into a reality!

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The companies listed below are owned, operated and managed by the professionals at Nevada Business Credit, LLC. Click on any of the brand and company links below to visit that division and learn more about the services offered. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!
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Big Brands Chicago Co-Packing
The Big Brands Chicago facility is a federally licensed distilled spirits plant and winemaker that is capable of co-packing Malt, Spirit and Wine beverages. Our co-packing capabilities include cans, bottles and pouch packaging.

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Big Brands Utah Co-Packing
Big Brands Utah facility provides our clients with  co-packing solution for their products. Our facility in Utah is capable of the formulation and co-packing of beverages, nutritional products, CBD products, cleaning products, personal care products and more.

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Big Brands Michigan Co-Packing
Big Brands of Michigan provides formulation and co-packing solutions for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage products. Our experience includes sodas and tonics, energy drinks, flavored seltzers, teas and alcoholic beverages such as wines and distilled spirit cocktails.

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Escape Non-Alcoholic Spirits
Our collection of non-alcoholic spirits consists of traditional liquor and spirts such as Tequila, Cognac and Single Malt Scotch to some unique options like Peanut Butter Whiskey, Sweet Potato Vodka, Cinnamon Whiskey, Spiced Rum and Mezcal.

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Escape Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
Escape Cocktails features a collection of classic cocktail beverages that are non-alcoholic. Find your favorite classic cocktail drinks like Margarita, Mojito, Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule and more in an non-alcoholic option.

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Big Brands SoCal Co-Packing
Big Brands is a licensed, NSF and GMP-certified facility based in Southern California. We specialize in high quality aluminum canning, glass bottling, PET bottling and offer several state-of-the-art capabilities including carbonation, tunnel pasteurization, hot fill and cold fill.

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